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Can You Get Braces if you Have Missing Teeth?

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Dental Braces


Many patients suffer from oral health problems caused by poorly spaced, misaligned, or overcrowded teeth.

In these cases, orthodontic treatment may be just the thing to correct the problem.

However, some patients have additional oral health problems such as missing teeth and wonder if this will be a problem.

These patients ask if they can get Dental Braces Warrnambool if they are missing teeth.

While it may be more challenging to fit braces around missing teeth, it is very often possible to have successful orthodontic treatments, depending on the particular circumstances of each patient.

Missing teeth

Tooth gaps can occur for many reasons, including (but not limited to) early life injury, a congenital absence of an adult tooth, poor oral hygiene, excess tobacco or alcohol use, prior cavities or impacted (not yet emerged) adult teeth.

In some cases, getting braces with a missing tooth can correct for the gap by evening out the spacing between the remaining teeth.

In other cases, if you have a missing tooth get braces first, and then after orthodontic treatment is complete, the addition of a dental implant or bridge can replace the missing tooth.

Why braces?

Poorly aligned teeth are not just a blight on your smile; they are also a dental problem for people of all ages.

Until recently, these problems were usually treated in childhood and adolescence, after permanent teeth came in and assumed their places.

However, as time has passed orthodontic treatment, including braces has become more and more popular with older people looking to address awkward smiles or some of the dental issues associated with them.

At the same time, as we age, the permanent loss of a tooth becomes more likely, with up to 7% of Australians missing all their teeth!

Happily, most Australians are not in that condition, and instead, are missing one or two teeth. Even then, the missing teeth are a problem.

Missing teeth give nearby teeth the space to slide, tilt, cave, or twist into. This is not only unattractive, but it can lead to hygiene and health problems.

Luckily, orthodontic treatment can help patients with gaps in their smiles, while at the same time, often addressing alignment problems that are due to the missing tooth itself.

Better yet, properly planned braces can make it much easier to permanently replace missing teeth, when that time comes.

Tooth straightening and replacement can have effects on each other, which is why a significant first step to working out a great treatment strategy is to schedule a consultation with Warrnambool Dental.

Braces with Missing Teeth – Is it Possible?

If you have missing teeth, Warrnambool Dental accounts for that in all the dental planning we do, in anticipation of placing braces.

We will plan your ‘aligned’ teeth to have precisely the space you need to use the dental replacements you choose. We will also let you know of any future treatments that might be required.

Depending on your particular case, open or closed coils can be placed before your braces are installed.

This lets your teeth shift according to the details of your treatment plan while ensuring there is space left for the restoration of your lost tooth.

So, braces not only ease alignment issues for patients with crooked teeth but they can have the additional beneficial effect of making it far easier to replace and missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth and/or alignment issues, you should schedule a consultation with your Warrnambool Dental.

We work with you to build an orthodontic plan that takes into consideration your absent tooth, other dental issues, and how you plan to replace your missing teeth.

Options after Braces

During the design of your braces, and for the period after, it is good to already have in mind what kind of tooth-replacement strategy you will use. Here are four of the most popular options:

Fixed bridges bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth.

This treatment typically takes multiple dental visits and feels, looks and functions like natural teeth. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Resin-retained bridges are similar to fixed bridges but require less invasive dental work. They do not withstand as much pressure as fixed bridges.

Removable partial dentures are replacement teeth for a few missing teeth. They assist in chewing and restore your smile, but they are less durable and can become uncomfortable.

Dental implants are a permanent solution that gives you attractive and fully functional replacement teeth.

Consult Warrnambool Dental to determine the best option for your teeth, whether they are snaggled, misaligned, missing, or any other thing. At Warrnambool Dental, we provide relief!

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At Warrnambool Dental, we offer our patients professional and affordable service in a comfortable, family-friendly environment.

We welcome patients of any age and condition and give outstanding service based on their specific dental conditions, expectations, and desires.

We offer extended hours on weekdays (until 7:30) and Saturday hours from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

If you want to learn more about braces and what they can do to help missing teeth, call us on (03) 5562 4433 or request your appointment online.

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