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Warrnambool Dental and your New Year Dental Health Resolutions

by | Dec 16, 2019 | New Year's Resolution

As the New Year draws near, many of us sit down and make a list of New Year dental health resolutions that we believe, if we follow, will make us better or remind us of what we strive to do.

At Warrnambool Dental, we are no different. At the end of each year, we re-dedicate ourselves to the core principles that have made us strong, and the principles that help us provide optimal dental care to all our patients.

First, we resolve to follow the dental code of conduct of the Dental Board of Australia. At Warrnambool Dental and we recognise the “duty to make the care of patients or clients [our] first concern and to practise safely and effectively. Maintaining a high level of professional competence and conduct is essential for good care.”

The code contains standards for practitioner behaviour in areas including:

  • providing excellent care, including shared decision-making
  • working with clients or patients
  • reducing risk
  • working with other practitioners
  • professional demeanour and ethical conduct
  • working within the healthcare system
  • ensuring practitioner health
  • maintaining professional performance

We also resolve to follow the small print!

The dental code goes on to say more about proper dental responsibilities.

Relationships should be based on openness, trust, and excellent communication. This enables dental practitioners to have partnerships with their patients and clients.

A key element of the practitioner-patient/client relationship is effective communication, in all forms, including in-person, electronic, and written.

Making healthcare decisions should be a joint responsibility of the dentist and patient, clients, or representative.

We must receive informed consent before performing and care on our patients or clients.

Additional responsibilities are associated with caring for children and young people, and we are happy to take these responsibilities on.

Practitioners have legal and ethical obligations to protect the privacy of people requiring and receiving care. Clients and patients have the right to privacy.

Dental practitioners and their staff must hold all patient information in strict confidence unless legal or public interest considerations supersede the need for privacy.

Good practice also understands the non-medical needs of our clients, taking into account their cultural needs and desires in the search for ideal health outcomes.

Some patients have additional physical, emotional, and psychological requirements, and we must modify our approach in accordance with them.

Good practice means understanding and applying risk minimisation and management.

Maintaining and developing our skills and knowledge, as well as professional behaviour, are central aspects of good practice.

To these overall standards, Warrnambool Dental adds the following New Year dental health resolutions:

  • We resolve to treat people, not just their mouths. We want to build relationships with our patients and not only measure our success in dental care, but also on the relationships we build with our patients and their families. Health care can go much farther based on trust, and we resolve to create it!
  • We resolve to be trustworthy. When we set an appointment, we will be ready on time. We will only recommend treatments that we would recommend for our family and friends. We treat patients with honesty, fairness, and respect, and hope they treat us the same way.
  • We resolve to be safe, clean, and responsible. We practise the highest cleanliness and sterilisation procedures to ensure our patients and team are safe, clean, and without worry. We are concerned about the cleanliness of our office and tools, so you don’t have to be!
  • We are committed to excellence in dentistry and providing the highest quality of education and dental care possible. And we give this excellence without respect to the age or circumstances of our patients. We are dedicated to ongoing education for all members of our team.
  • We resolve to demonstrate our care in even the smallest things. Compassion and excellent dental care go hand in hand; so, we make every effort to make sure that our patients receive both. Questions are always welcome, as we believe well-informed patients make better oral health decisions. Our care for our patients is why we offer extended hours.
  • We resolve to stay cutting edge. Our practice was built to provide a modern, comfortable atmosphere, with the latest technology. Our dental technology provides our patients with the highest quality of dental care and comfort.
  • We resolve to give you economical treatment, including different options, reasonable pricing, and quality support, to be certain that great-quality dental care is a reality for all our patients and their families.
  • We resolve to be pain-free. We provide different types of sedation or GA if required during the treatment, and we never begin treatment until you are ready.

Welcome to Warrnambool Dental

Warrnambool Dental is a complete-care dental office located in Southwest Victoria.

We offer the highest calibre dental treatment in Australia, featuring affordable and professional dental services in a warm, comfortable, and family-friendly environment.

We welcome patients of any age and condition and give outstanding service based on your specific dental situation, expectations, and desires.

We offer extended hours on weekdays (until 7:30) and Saturday hours from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Warrnambool dentist also serves local communities in Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown, Terang, Port Campbell, Colac, Timboon, Port Fairy, MacArthur and Casterton.

For more New Year dental health resolutions in our clinic in Warrnambool, call us on (03) 5562 4433 or request your appointment online.

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