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Discoloured Teeth: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

by | May 18, 2023 | Discoloured Teeth

discoloured teeth causes prevention and treatment

Stains and tooth discolouration are frequent occurrences that have a variety of causes.

Don’t give up, though; these stains are curable and avoidable.

Causes of Discoloured Teeth

One of the main reasons for discoloured teeth is tobacco.

Acidic foods and drinks, including tomatoes, carbonated drinks, and lemon juice, erode enamel and reveal the dentin beneath, making it more susceptible to discolouration.

Other causes may include the following:

  • Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth discolouration when plaque accumulates and hardens into tartar or calculus, a yellowish-brown bacterial hue.
  • Trauma: Blood vessels can burst during trauma to the teeth, preventing blood from reaching the tooth, which can result in the teeth turning dark or black.
  • Medicines: Antihistamines and antipsychotic medicines are only two examples of medicines that can stain teeth. White patches on the teeth are another side effect of fluoride.

Discoloured Teeth Prevention

It all comes down to developing good dental hygiene practices. This includes using dental floss, brushing teeth, and scheduling routine dental check-ups.

You can prevent tooth discolouration by making a few straightforward lifestyle modifications.

If further symptoms exist and your teeth continue to have an unusual hue despite your best attempts to maintain oral cleanliness, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Think about consuming less coffee or switching to a different beverage. Get support to stop smoking if you do, as smoking has negative impacts beyond your dental health.

Treatment of Discoloured Teeth

Depending on the discolouration, there are different ways to whiten teeth.

Visit a hygienist for a dental cleaning or teeth whitening if plaque and tartar buildup has resulted in discoloured teeth.

There are toothpaste and mouthwashes with teeth-whitening qualities available in the supermarket.

Whitening strips should be used cautiously because they contain bleach and can damage tooth enamel. Veneers cover minor flaws like gaps or chips in teeth and can be customised to the tint of your choice.

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